Stronger, Lighter, Cooler, Faster. That's the philosophy at Jongbloed Racing Wheels. We engineer and manufacture our aluminum and magnesium wheels to promote brake cooling, reduce unsprung weight and rotating mass, and stand up to the brutality that endurance racing puts on mechanical elements. Cooler, lighter, and stronger has one target objective—making your race car faster. Here's the details. Jongbloed Wheels work in concert with the components of your car—suspension, aerodynamics, tires, brakes—to increase the performance potential of the race car, allowing you to wring those extra tenths out of your car when the race is on the line.



Flow-Formed Construction
3 finishes
Available Diameters:  15"
Available Widths:  8" - 11"


Flow-Formed Construction
2 finishes
Available Diameters:  18"
Available Widths:  9.5" - 12"


1 piece construction
2 finishes
Available Diameters:  15"
Available Widths:  7"




Jongbloed is a racing specific wheel engineering and manufacturing firm, focused on providing durable and ultra high-performance wheels to professional race teams and amateur and club-sport racers.

Jongbloed headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Morgan Hill, California, just south of San Jose, and a satellite sales office is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In 2007 Jongbloed invested in a state of the art spinning machine to manufacture its rim halves. Every Jongbloed Rim is spun from 6061-0 temper aluminum then heat treated to it T-6 condition to ensure quality and durability. In the business of making high-performance racing wheels for more than 40 years, Jongbloed employs industry veterans with myriad experience in the racing industry.

Early on, Bill Jongbloed dreamed of creating a three piece wheel with a cast magnesium center that would provide all the benefits of a repairable wheel with a cast center. He knew that it was important to be able to create any wheel offset while adding designs that would better cool the brakes. Bill taught himself to spin wheels and was soon making rims that were well within the designated tolerances. From humble beginnings in his California shop, Bill Jongbloed's dream became a reality in 1973 when his wheels made their debut at the first Long Beach Grand Prix.

Our success on the racetrack has been demonstrated by the fact that Jongbloed Racing Wheels have won over 250 international championships. For several years, our wheels were also featured on all Swift racecars and dominated Formula Ford, CanAm, and TransAm. Over the years, many major automakers and tire manufacturers have used Jongbloed prototype wheels.
Some of these include Ford's Tremor, GT90, and Mercury MC-4 concept cars.