The Wheel Industry's First Bolt on Hybrid Cap System.

Introducing the Wheel Industry’s first bolt on Hybrid Cap System for dual drilled truck wheels that covers the unused bolt pattern, leaving the used bolt pattern exposed for the use of specialty lugs.

This proprietary Hybrid Cap System design is used exclusively on - HD Off-Road Wheels

First designed & brought to market in mid 2017 for the CALIBER Off-Road Wheel. Since then, this Hybrid Cap System has been great success ever since and has been implemented to all past and future wheel design models.

Here’s how it works!

The wheels center hub area is specifically designed & machined with 2 sets of alternating of screw holes. The 2 open screw holes in the cap will match with 2 of the 4 mounting screw holes in the wheel. This allows the center cap to be turned and bolted in the wheel leaving the desired bolt pattern exposed and the unused bolt pattern covered.  

Applications available for 5 lug dual patterns 5x127 & 5x139.7 and dual 6 lug patterns 6x135 & 6x139.7.

HD Off-Road Cap Version can be purchased - HERE

Spiked Lug Nuts can be purchased at

HPD Hybrid Truck Center Cap