Here, we will outline all of the quality control guidelines and testing procedures that every single HPD Wheel goes through before being brought to market. At HPD Wheels, quality & safety is the number one priority that is ingrained into every wheel and product we produce.  

We understand that money does not grow on trees.  When spending that hard earned money on a wheel from the HPD Family of brands we want you, the customer that we are behind you and your purchase 100%. Were not happy until you are. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding one of our products there are 3 easy ways to contact us - via our Corporate number 888-707-9880, via email at sales@hd-inc.com, or via Live Chat located to the right of this page. Whether you need help with a new or existing product, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Welcome to the HPD Wheels Family. 


All HPD Wheel brands HD Wheels, HD Off-Road, Fathom Wheels, Klassik Rader, & Remington® Off-Road Wheels are designed at our main facility here in Plant City, Florida.  Every design destined for one of these 5 brands are relentlessly scrutinized for uniqueness, design longevity, and fitment & application range.  Most of our designs for each brand are planned out through the year, while others are often developed organically from a simple sketch on a cocktail napkin.


FEA - Finite Element Analysis is a simulation program that can be used alongside traditional testing to analyze the strength of complex structures and systems, determine component behavior, and accurately predict how products will react under structural and thermal loads.This FEA process allows us to stress test each HD, HD Off-Road, Fathom, Klassik Rader, & Remington® Off-Road Wheel under load in the computer to identify any problem areas or weak points in the wheel design. If weak areas are found initially, these areas can be corrected and re-tested before ever going into mold production thanks to the FEA testing computer program. See examples below of FEA program below.