Steps to Packaging a Proper Wheel Return Shipment to HPD Wheels

Below, we will outline in detail how to properly package an acceptable wheel return to HPD Wheels. These steps that we have laid out below are specifically designed to prevent unnecessary damage, maintain product integrity during its journey back to HPD Wheels, and to ensure that your return is eligible for credit to your account upon arrival.

Important Note:

Failure to follow these re-packing guidelines may result in the non credit of your return if damage occurs due to improper or careless re-packaging.

We take great care in packing all of our customers orders in the exact same way as outlined below. We simply ask that the same packaging courtesy is extended to us when sending your items back for credit.

**Non warranty wheels that have been fitted with a tire are not eligible for credit. 

In Closing

Please be sure that you have carefully read and follow the 7 steps outlined above when packaging your return.

We want to ensure that all wheel returns that arrive back to HPD Wheels are eligible for full credit.

If you are unable to package your return as outlined above, do not send the items back until you are able to acquire the proper packing to pack the return as outlined above.

If you are unable to follow the guidelines above, you must contact your sales representative with your provided RMA# via email at or via phone at 888-707-9880 for an alternative means to send your items back.